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Saturday, September 13, 2008

Bachchans . Film Industry. And Thackerays

Though a little caught up, I did read everything that took place between Bachchans and Thackerays recently.

I speak Marathi. And for all matters, I am also proud of my mother tongue. And yet I am tempted to call the whole drama-- 'a storm in the tea cup'!

Oh, come on Mr. Bal Thackeray! You are a great cartoonist. You also run a newspaper. How come you lack so much in humour?

There are always ways of promoting a language. And so, let us dwell on that aspect. Let Bachchans and the rest of the industry do their respective jobs (which they are doing quite well), if I may say.

The present stand is certainly not in favour of marathi speaking people like us who are staying outside Maharashtra.