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Thursday, September 4, 2008


Link Rivers. My Prayer

It's Ganesh Festival yet again. And I love it. The mad rush of customers in the markets together with the bright faces of people is enough to set aside all problems. I think the Elephant God has a way of filling everyone with hope. It is as though he says, 'Give me your problems for sometime'.

At the personal level, my problems are just like anybody else's. That is, challenges, challenges and more challenges. Something I need to face myself. So be it. It's basically for my country that I am thinking this time. Kosi river tragedy has shook everyone. What a sordid state of affairs! The north reeling in floods, and the rest of India having insufficient rains! Infact, there have hardly been any rains in Indore.

So my prayers to Lord Ganesh relate to this very issue this time. Almighty, let 'linking of river' project take shape fast. Let Famine and Floods become a thing of the past. Let all who come into this world live a happy and full life. Amen.