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Monday, August 25, 2008

Confused Society. Unjustifiable salaries. Thanks IT Sector!

I happened to read an Article- 'When Parents Serve beer' yesterday. It pained me immensely.

These days, I am constantly reminded of a play, I often saw as a child--'Andher Nagari Chaupat Raja.Take ser bhaji, take ser khaja'. For those who don't understand Hindi, the translation is simple--'ignorant city,chaotic king. One paisa vegetable,one paisa Sweet.' This is the state of affairs of our society today.

There was a time i.e. my father's time, when salaries were as per one's qualifications and capability. This period was up to the year 1980, I guess. A class one gazetted officer received high salary, mainly because he deserved it. For example, the decisions he took, the responsible work he carried out, etc. etc. Can one say the same thing about the IT sector today? The mere mention of Computer Science or IT degree sets a person rolling in money. Whether he is even able to write an application is yet another matter! And so we find house rents increasing without any rational reason. The same is true with other things.

Except for a few who are really good, power and money has gone into the hands of those who don't know really deserve it. And so we are having families, more so children, going astray. After all who is there to guide them?

It is high time that the Government, The IT sector giants, and the social workers woke up to this problem before we all call it too late. For, all we know 'parents serving beer at kids' parties' could just be a tip of the iceberg. In fact there could be much more.

At the moment, I will only say-Confused Society, unjustifiable salaries. Thanks IT sector!