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Sunday, August 17, 2008


Kashmir a Problem or a Political Blunder?

I happened to read Mr. Swaminathan Aiyar's article in Sunday Times on 17th Aug' 08.
I was terribly distressed to be honest. At a certain point, Mr. Aiyar has compared the Indian rule to the British Raj. Especially when he says,'Raj also had long quiet periods.....most Indians were satisfied...that independence was demanded by a noisy minority...This is uncomfortably the Kashmiri demand for azaadi.' I strongly disagree here.

A lot has been written about the Kashmir or more correct, the present J&K crisis. While accepting the partition, the then princely states were given only two choices, either join India or join Pakistan.The third alternative of azzadi was just not there. It was the misplaced love of Mr Jawaharlal Nehru towards Kashmir that made the things complicated. Not only Junagarh but the Nizam of Hyderabad had also refused to join the Indian Union. Was it then incorrect on the part of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel to send forces to Hyderabad ? And what about Goa ? Was it again the colonial attitude of Indian Government to make it first a union territory and then a state? I strongly feel that,History should not be seen in today's perspective. The secessionist attitude of Kashmiri muslim leaders is the main reason for the chaos. They are supported by Pakistan for reasons best known to them. The present Amarnath Shrine board land problem has been created by Mehabooba Mufti, who has misled the people of Kashmir . But no body is questioning her. A few months ago,( if I remember correctly), before the state elections, she was even quoted saying on TV that both Indian and Pakistani currency should be allowed in Kashmir! It is for the first time Jammu has reacted so strongly. If people of Kashmir can have the liberty to choose the country ,then why not the people of Vidarbha, Gorkha Hills,or Naga be allowed to choose their own state? J&K is not a problematic state as a whole. Divide the state into three different parts, ie. Kashmir Valley, State of Jammu , and Ladakh and see the difference. The first step towards total amalgamation with INDIAN UNION is to abolish all rules and laws which give J&K a special status.Remember the aparthied rule of South Africa? It was enacted by Britishers to protect the social and cultural speciality of Black Africans. In fact, the term 'special status' has given rise to this problem.

Thus I feel,the secessionist people who are showing alligence to Pakistan should be asked to leave Kashmir or should be forcefully sent to their desired destination.

The solution of the Kashmir problem lies in total amalgamation of the Kashmir Valley with India- socially, economically ,and politically .This will never take place unless special status is removed from Kashmir. It ofcourse requires a strong political will.