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Friday, August 15, 2008


SINGH IS KING _ A film review

Yesterday I saw 'Singh is King'. Minus the crude beginning, the heavy Punjabi dose,and a certain degree of loudness, the movie was fine. The comedy part was great. Particularly, the dialogue-'aisi koi tragedy hai jo apke sath nahin huin?' In fact, the two comedians made me and my husband laugh through out the movie. Om Puri is a master piece in himself-' Oye,tu pehle dahi jamana seekh!' Ditto for Akshay Kumar. The duo is great when it comes to comedy. Not to forget Katrina Kaif who just looks stunning on screen. The rest of the characters are fairly good. Frankly, the movie had a lot of potential. It had a message like all good movies. That criminals can be reformed. They need to be shown a direction. At one place when the film heroine bashes up a thief and later discloses to Akshay Kumar that her purse was actually empty, the latter blurts out, 'Phir kyon bela use itna?'

Clearly, a more subtle handling could have made it as famous as 'Jab We Met'. Pritam's music failed to create the magic he is known for.