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Thursday, August 7, 2008

Society And The New-Born Babies

Just when I was getting a hang of Harshad and Niketa Mehta case, Japan's Yamada baby case has sprung up and proved a real bouncer!

As a mother I feel sorry for the two babies.

In case of the Mehtas', I am surprised that the heart ailment, in the baby, was not detected early. I am no doctor, agreed. But I have seen doctors detecting an abnormality immediately in a foetus. And rightly so, Dr. Indira Hinduja has said the same thing today. I really feel sorry for the unborn baby. I wonder how he will feel, when he comes to know, that he was an unwanted baby. And he will come to know for sure. After all in case of a step-mother or father, isn't a child told so by problem creating neighbours and relatives?

And so I feel that the media has messed up yet again. I think, the media should study a case thoroughly before making it an issue. Because, a lot of things have to be taken into consideration. Pregnant women are known to get 'over- sensitive' at times, leading to wrong reactions. And as Dr Hinduja has said that medical science has 'advanced' so much. In all probability, the baby could get cured by surgery or medicines later on.

In case of the Yamada baby, I just wish to ask one question to the doctors, lawyers, and the society in general. Would a pregnant woman have gone in for a divorce? Or better still, could parents of an unborn baby gone in for a divorce? The answer in all probability is 'No'. Further, even if the couple had shown up to be irresponsible, the Law would have come down heavily.

My request to the society is to stop 'surrogate motherhood' and also stop playing with nature.
Let us behave like Human Beings and not as God. Because, we really don't have the thinking abilities of God.