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Saturday, August 2, 2008

IIT, B.E., MBBS --Great! But, B.A. LLB(Hons)?

Overhauling of IIT Entrance exam? Great! In fact, a lot needs to be done about all entrance exams. To be brutally frank, there is an urgent need to change the mindset of the society at the moment.
I have a daughter and a son. Well, choosing a career for my daughter never posed a problem. She had all inclination for medicine and is thus pursuing a career in physiotherapy. A respectable profession and so a smooth sail if I have to say.

It's my son, who has taken after me. That, of course, makes him my pet also!

As a kid I remember how he studied. I mean standard one onwards!

Anytime, I would ask him to take out his books, he'd come out first with English, followed by Social Studies, then Hindi,... later Drawing, Moral Science, Sanskrit( which he studied for one year),... and only towards the end would the maths and science books come out. In fact this trend continued till his 10th boards.

As a mother, I therefore knew where his interests lay. And rightly so, 2-3 years ago, he stood second in the entrance exam of B.A. LLB(Hons.) 5 year integrated course .

But then, is it so easy? The society only accepts Engineers and Doctors. Any other profession is unacceptable. In such a set up, a B.A. LLB degree is demeaning to say the least. I realise now, that it even lowers the value of oneself and sibling in the marriage market. Maybe the people associate this degree with 'netagiri'. Who knows?

No wonder, the parents today are forcing their wards to take the IIT, B.E. , and MBBS entrance exam.

But, now I think something needs to be done. Enough is enough. After all, the world cannot run on Engineers and Doctors alone. We do require insurance agents, bankers, journalists, businessmen, etc. And that too at all levels. Besides we are all made differently!

The increase in suicide rates among students, the undue pressure on parents , the disgruntled teachers, directors , and employers - is a warning for sure. And I think it's time we paid heed to it.