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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Acid Attack.Human Activists be damned!

Indeed! This is with reference to the acid attack on two engineering girl students in Warangal, Andhra Pradesh on 13th Dec. And the silly protest that the Human Activists have come up with.

Till yesterday one of victims was still battling for life. I sincerely pray that both the girls get well fast. And also hope that the wretched acid has not corroded their looks. I really pray to God in all earnestness there.

I salute the policemen for gunning down the culprits and not caring for the sleeping law to take action. Indeed,thanks to the insensible human activists coupled with our ever conflicting laws, acid attacks have increased manifold in the last few years. And if this laxity continues, it will not be long when couples, particularly women, will opt for female infanticide just to avoid any such nightmarish thing happening to their daughters. Imagine seeing one's own beautiful daughter being disfigured for life just because she resisted the advances of some rogues?

Wake up Human Activsts! Don't argue for the sake of arguing. Put your daughters in the place of the victims, and analyse then the trauma that the girls and parents have gone through.

Besides, what about the policemen who were attacked by the accused?

In today's light, I would call the Human Activists as downright inhuman, cruel and apathetic.
Human Activists be damned.