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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Karela. Neem i.e. Bitter Gourd & Margosa - A Natural Cure ( Issue-- Health)

In this world of tension, and illnesses I have the honour of seeing some healthy people. If I may say it!
It was in the 80's. My husband was in Government Service and we were put up in Delhi. Ours was a government accommodation. We also had a servant quarter.
My maid's name was Sita. They were 5 of them in the family-- husband, wife and three adorable sons. They were Nepalis.While the youngest son was about a year old, the eldest was 7 years or so.
In fact, my second child was born around the same time. Like other mothers and housewives of my type, while I would often be grappling with children's cold, cough, flu and some or the other chaos, Sita always had a defined routine. Rarely ever was there an interruption in her work. Call it my immaturity, or arrogance of class and age I never noticed it then. Thus, appreciation was out of question.
But now, when I look back I remember it all well. She would cook bitter gourd, and all healthy seasonal vegetables. The children too, were, well behaved. They ate everything without a fuss. There was a neem tree that stood tall near our house. The branches spread over our terrace.I would often notice her and the children seated under the foliage in their free time. If I remember correctly, It was she who told me that it was a neem tree.
Certainly, her children were much healthier than mine--all with red and chubby cheeks. In fact, the whole family was healthy.
Soon, my husband was transferred to Mumbai and we got used to a new routine.And thus, Sita and her family were forgotten. Around that time, my husband happened to befriend a colleague who had much interest in ayurvedic medicines. He told us in passing the benefits of neem, and how beneficial they were if taken raw on empty stomach.' Except during pregnancy, when they are an absolute no-no' He said tersely.
This is how we in the family were introduced to natural cure if I may put it.
The children are grown up now. These days, whenever I see people indulging in fast food, I remember Sita, her family and my husband's friend. Bless them all. For, because of them we came to know the goodness present in the natural form around us. Basically, karela (bitter gourd), and neem (Margosa).
I am indebted to them all indeed.