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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Corruption. Teaching Institutes. And Government Check. ( Issue--Social)

Some how problems never end! If only there would be one day without any crime. If only..!

Yesterday's incident of beating up of Ujjain College principal is indeed a serious offence. The guilty need to be booked.

But this is also true, that there is never a smoke without a fire. There is a serious problem brewing in educational institutes in our country. Even mediocre people are going in for Ph.D' s. Particularly, in the 'humanities section'.And when such people make it to the top, God only help the country! Further, there is a problem of delayed payment in the universities. The non-permanent staff suffers the most.

Surprise checks by government bodies could certainly help in checking the problem.

It is very important to understand that when educational institutes become also the first step to corruption, it brings to end all development of the country.

And frankly, all the talks of nuclear deal and global inflation may make the drawing room look good, but a mere peep in the kitchen,( the educational institutes), could well put off the guests!