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Saturday, July 12, 2008

Nagging ( Issue----Social)

Nagging is a terrible 7 letter word! Those who face it know the cruelty contained in it.

To begin with, the dictionary meaning of the word 'nagging' is, to complain or criticise someone continuously.At home, work place, friend circle, or any where. That too, day in and day out! Till the person starts thinking that he is truly bad or worthless. Further the nagger could be just anyone--in laws, parents, spouse, sibling, boss, colleagues, friends, children, neighbour, etc.,etc.

Besides, the effects of nagging can be anything. From loss of interest/confidence, peevishness, nervousness, to insanity, suicide, alcoholism, drug addiction, running away, etc. Recently, a man was given a jail sentence for constantly nagging his wife because of her dark complexion and thus driving her to suicide. The court truly needs to be applauded for this. In fact more stringent laws need to come on nagging.

But, more than that we need to fight it out ourselves. That's because we alone understand the situation we are in. Further, we have just one life. And that makes it very precious! Besides, there are good and bad phases in every body's life. We are all subjected to nagging at sometime or the other. Just that in some cases it lasts longer.

Frankly, I am speaking all this from what I have seen around me all these years. One thing we need to admit is that all naggers have a way with words. And that's how they come down heavily on the victim.Their gift of gab helps them to gather a lot of supporters.Why they do it, I leave it for the psychologists to ascertain. Could be because of their own insecurities, or could be because they enjoy power? But whatever, they do make life difficult for others.

The victim is thus left with just one or to odd choices. But somehow, I don't believe in running away from the situation. The best would be to get stronger than the situation. This, by keeping calm and improving our skills silently. In the process, also, making people around us notice our virtues. In the mean time also improving our communication skills, so as to counter the nagger when next time he/she attacks with words. Which means, the victim should develop the ability to anticipate what the next verbal attack would be like. One thing I would advise. Never make a mistake of discussing one's drawbacks with such a person. For, naggers don't like losing any opportunity there. Instead, try taking them by surprise. By countering them in the face or giving them a suitable rebuff.

Naggers hate being put to shame. Who knows, one or two such showdowns could lead to getting hold of the situation?

So, rise my friend and face the situation. All the best.