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Sunday, July 20, 2008

We Unite to Divide and Fall - Indian Politics.

There is chaos yet again in India! Thanks to the ' Hung Parliament' which seems to have become the order of the day. Something really needs to be done....Fast...Very Fast.

As my husband puts it,'The present anarchy in the political arena is because of our constitutional inadequacy to deal with the situation.' Obviously! To deal with any situation, one requires some degree of power.

And so I agree with him when he says that time has come to amend the People's Representation Act of India.This is keeping in view,how in recent times, various state assemblies have been formed and later dissolved due to the unethical behaviour of legislators/political parties .

Thus , it is felt that we urgently need to add some commandments to the People's Representation Act-

1) The duration of the parliament /assembly, should be fixed to 5 years irrespective of any defection or split within the ruling party or coalition party. This means that the Prime Minister/Chief minister should complete the full term.

2) In the event of the ruling party finds itself in a situation where in there are less members to handle the important ministries,the President in consultation with the Supreme Court should nominate members to help the Prime Minister. In no case a midterm poll should be conducted.

3) A candidate can be or continue being a member of the parliament/assembly(both inclusive) for a maximum period of twenty five years or till he/she attains sixty- five years of age(which ever is earlier).

4) A member can be a Prime Minister or Chief Minister or a just a Minister for a period not exceeding twenty years.

5) In the event of a member resigning from the parliament or assembly for any reason , no by- election should be conducted.

6) In the event of a natural death of a member, the dummy candidate who had filled the form as dummy candidate in the same election( from the same party), should be nominated as the member for the remaining period. The member ,thus, nominated should be treated on at par with the other nominated members.

7) In the event of an unnatural death of a member, the concerned party can nominate
another party man as a ' member' . However, such a person will not be eligible to the post of a minister, nor be a member of any committee constituted by the parliament or assembly or any state board and will also not be able to vote in the parliament or assembly.

8) In case a member leaves , or is expelled from the party to which he belongs, or, an independent member joins a party , the election of such member should automatically become null and void. The speaker should have no say in this matter. The runner up of the election should be declared as winner and should be made member of the house.

9) In case of a convicted member the rule should be as follows
a) Convicted by LOWER court but trial pending with High Court : Can only attend the house no participation in voting.
b) Convicted by High court but trial pending with Supreme court : Can only attend house , if out on bail (bail not for attending house). The member will have no privileges as a member of the house .
c) Convicted by Supreme Court : The election of such member should automatically stand null and void from the day sentence is delivered..

Probably , we Indians require such stringent laws to bring some stability in the country.

Somehow over the years, we have forgotten the age old saying' United we stand. Divided we fall'. We have now created a new saying " We unite only to divide and fall !"