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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

My experience as a teacher

Like I said I teach in college. I teach mass communication subjects.
Naturally I meet all kinds of students. Some genuinely hard working. And some not so hard working.Some who just wait to push the blame on the teachers! But then, that's life I guess. May be God desires that we face everything. At such times I often remember a gentleman student whom I came across 2 years ago. He was a retired Sales Tax officer-Mr. Ajay Kumar Gangwal. It was a pleasure having him in the class. So knowledgeble and yet, so disciplined and dignified. While all others were always fagged out in the Evening College, he would anytime appear attentive and alert. Naturally, he did very well in the viva.
What he learnt from me, I am not sure. But I did learn something from him-' Don't stagnate. Keep learning.'
Now, that's a big lesson isn't it?