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Friday, June 6, 2008

Terrorism In India


Hi! Last week I happened to attend a discussion in one of the colleges I teach.The topic was,'Atankwad ka mukabala karne ke liye, Bharat ek Kamzor desh.' i.e. India - a soft country in the face of terrorism. There were two speakers-One a retd.Colonel and the other a retd. Add. DGP. There was a reason for inviting them. They could afford to be honest without having to worry about the 'rozi roti'! So be it. As an afterthought, I wish there were more people present.

The retd. Col. said emphatically, 'rajnaitik ichcha shakti ki kami hai', meaning the political will was lacking-- be it any government. Each political party was busy with the 'vote bank' politics. He further added, 'We don't know whom to please and whom not to please.' This was with reference to the the Human Activists as well as the former minister Mr. Jaswant Singh who had accompanied the terrorists to Kandahar to free the hostages. Without mincing words, the Colonel expressed regret at Shri Atal Behari Vajpayee's justification that he was not present at the meeting.

Retd. DGP expressed similar views. In a shocking revelation he said that Chandra Babu Government lost in Andhra because the Congress played nexus with the naxalites. And, BJP played the same game in Chattisgarh by playing the Bastar card. The Retd. DGP said one very important statement,'Bagawat ke sath samzauta nahin kiya jata', i.e.Betrayal knows no compromise. He too came down heavily on the Human Activists who had the habit of turning a blind eye to the sufferings of the innocent people.

I wonder how much the younger lot understood. We really require firebrand people to fight the problems facing us today. Infact, the need of the hour is to wake the conscience of the people. For it cannot be forgotten that the entire nation,( media included) had put pressure on the Government, to release the terrorists. This would not have happened in any other country.