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Saturday, June 21, 2008

Inflation....Price rise....

Well!.. Well! Switch on the TV and watch any channel. The talk is on price rise. This followed by interviews of various people! Basically, as to how they are coping with the price rise. The tension on the faces of these people scares me all the more. As a middle aged human being, a middle class person, and a housewife for several years now,I don't ever remember prices coming down. But I have always seen my mother, mother-in- law, and several such wise beings coping with the emergencies dexterously. Surprising isn't it? But it is true.
Now cut and move to a new shot. I am on the main road riding my modest two wheeler. It's afternoon. I see the same people flocking at the 'chat shop'...a scene to be watched really. Where is the price rise... and all the uproar?
Come on guys! Be honest. Yes, we do need to be alert to keep things in check. And we do have to stand up in case of any injustice.That is truly important. But making it a drama? It is really not correct. It amounts to ridiculing the poor!
The media men should at such times interview people who are truly hit by inflation.
Atleast, that's whatI feel.