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Saturday, January 4, 2014

My Delhi Visit. Sheila Dixit. And Challenges Ahead For AAP.

I was in Delhi last week for personal reasons. In the course of the work, I also happened to visit the e-sub registrar's office at Nangloi. It was basically regarding transfer of my late father's Delhi flat into brother's name. The transfer was completed in a day and we all were mighty impressed. That was the time I realized that the former Chief Minister Sheila Dixit had reasons to be sour over her defeat.
(Of course, she cannot blame me for not voting for her party as I am not a citizen of Delhi!) However methinks, she lost because of the sad Nirbhaya happening and her inappropriate outburst at that moment. This was also followed by unreasonable price rise of things like onions.
Whatever, Aam Aadmi Party has to work very hard to make a place in the hearts of the Delhi-ites. Comparisons will always be drawn. And so the party, apart from fighting corruption will have to bring improvement in the old projects too. According to my brother, it was not long ago that work simply dragged on for days at the sub-registrar's office. And now look at the airport like seating arrangement, efficient announcement system, speedy work and courteous ways of the junior & senior employees.

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