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Thursday, January 16, 2014

MPPEB. Medical scam. At last the truth is coming out!

Truly, at last the truth is coming out!
The credit solely goes to M.P. Chief minister Shri Shivraj Singh Chauhan.
The year was 2006. My daughter had just completed her Bachelors course in Physiotherapy (BPT) from the prestigious MGM Medical College, Indore. Having stood 5th in the university, she also received a Merit Certificate from the Vice Chancellor of the university a few months later. In all enthusiasm, she applied for the Demonstrator's Post for which there was just one vacancy. My daughter topped the Written exam which was a mandatory requirement for being considered for the post. The list of candidates who qualified the written Exam was duly displayed on the college board and my daughter's name sure looked good on top. According to her, she also did well in the interview by answering all the questions put to her by the board. She was confident of being selected. But when the results came, somebody from Bhandari College was selected for the Demonstrator's post. My daughter was shocked -a natural reaction as the boy was not even in the first five in the written exam!
My husband & I comforted our daughter. We told her that maybe God wanted her to do PG. Inherently positive, my daughter went ahead to do her Masters in Physiotherapy (MPT) from Dehradun, Uttarakhand choosing Neurology as her specialization.  Here was a girl who made her Alma Mater proud by standing 2nd in the Entrance Test . In due course, my daughter topped there too and won a Gold Medal.She returned to Indore. The year was 2009. Once again there was a vacancy at MGM Medical College. This time for the post of Asst. Professor. Interestingly, my daughter had passed the  Indian Association of Physiotherapists examination recognized by the World Council soon after her graduation. She was thus qualified for the post in every way. It was truly strange that the ad specifically asked for MP Paramedical Association Affiliate Certificate and declared it mandatory. In retrospect, things were fishy right from the start. If the MP Paramedical Certificate was so important, why were the students of MGM never told about it by college authorities during their four & half year stint in college? Even if that were to be taken as a slip on the part of teachers at MGM, this could possibly not be overlooked that  every care was taken so as not to give time to ex-MGM students to procure the particular certificate. Despite the confusion, my daughter managed to apply for the same in Bhopal, as she was stationed there, thanks to her job. She received the receipt with assurance that she would soon get the affiliate certificate.
With this receipt in hand, together with other required certificates, my daughter went for the Written Exam. This time the selectors went a step ahead by not allowing my daughter and many like her to take the exam.
What a farce! The exam was conducted in her Alma Mater, for a job in her Alma Mater and yet my daughter and other MGMites were driven off like an unwelcome guests!  So much for the Alma Mater! Rightly so, the person selected was again from Bhandari College! Evidently, all the juggling was done by Bhandari College to have their candidate selected. And hence the stress on  MP affiliation which they well knew MGM College guys would not have. The local newspapers did report the matter, but the cries of the physiotherapists died down with time.
It is now 2014 and the truth is finally tumbling out of the cupboard.
My daughter is married with a small baby girl. The job would have definitely given her the much needed seniority & experience which in turn would have helped her secure a job in Bangalore University. Let's hope things work now.
They were truly difficult years for a young, intelligent and hardworking girl. And it's thanks to her positive nature that she didn't get bitter, cynical or cruel. Nor did she harm herself in any way. My husband, son and I are thankful to God for this.