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Saturday, December 7, 2013

Justice Ganguly, Tarun Tejpal & sudden spurt

Whew! Justice Ganguly came to books almost after a year! Sure he knew all the loop holes in our laws. And so did the intern who took quite a while to speak out.
For Justice Ganguly, this obviously couldn't have been the first time. He escaped each time for want of courage in female colleagues & subordinates.
In case of  Tarun Tejpal too, the subordinate proved true. An evil man who tried to project himself good by throwing others in bad light.
However with a sudden spurt in rape and molestation cases, the picture is getting rather scary. I agree with Dr. Farooq Abdullah over his outburst on women ! As a family woman with a husband and son, I have now begun to worry about them. Because there is always a possibility of someone raising a false alarm out of sheer malice. Such cases too have happened in the past.
It only means that our Laws and individual natures need to improve greatly.