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Thursday, November 28, 2013

Aarushi Killing & Chaos

Sorry state of affairs. It was apparent right from start that Talwars were behind the double murder.
Their continuous denial only implies a psychological angle.
Whatever. If one moment I sympathize with Talwars, the next moment I feel angry at their lack of foresight. How could they sleep on first floor while their daughter slept down, where anyone could step into her bedroom?
Wonder how many more Aarushis are facing the same fate with women taking up full time careers for various reasons.
Yes, this is true that Talwars will not commit further murders, as said by the sessions judge. And most likely, they will escape punishment in the High Court due to lack of evidence. But one question will remain unanswered. Why did the U.P. police conduct an incomplete and shoddy investigation initially? Did Talwars wield a lot of influence in the area?
Now, at least Aarushi should be left in peace. The more the defendant side is going to argue, the more muck is going to come out. Earlier, the police & law had maintained a lot of decorum in this case.

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