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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Death is never really the end


My father passed away in the early hours of 6th Nov.'13. He completed all his responsibilities well. And thus, he died in peace.
As my brother & I collected the ashes, I was reminded of the line-From dust we come, to dust we go...
I have no complaints. He was in coma after the Cardiac Arrest/ Heart Attack on 20th Oct.'13. But one day, as I stood speaking to him, I noticed that his eyes were slightly open. I looked forward for his recovery then on. I so much wanted to know what he saw after he passed out of consciousness following the stroke. One hears so many stories in this regard. Whatever. Silly of me I guess!
The much hurting 'Organ Donation' doesn't upset us now. During his lifetime, he donated blood regularly, in an earnest manner.
He is no more. And yet his voice rings in my ears. I strongly believe that his positive nature, too, will continue to be there in me & others in the family.
And so what the great Thinkers always say is probably right, Death is never really the end...

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