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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Indore. Dr. couple taking to killing.

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The heart wrenching incident of lady doctor killing her infant daughter followed by angry doctor husband killing his wife & in-laws has left Indore numb.
Until a few years ago, Indore was a peaceful city where men went to office & wives happily stayed at home. The winds of change came & they were for good. This led to girls being  sent for courses such as engineering & medicine. Not surprising that in Indore today every household  has a daughter  in IT sector or  medicine.Quite good. Nothing wrong.
But then, what went wrong in this case? How could a lady doctor think of strangulating her4-5 month old baby? Also, how could the doctor husband think of killing his wife & in-laws in a fit of anger? Everywhere in the world, all new parents face the challenge of managing the baby as well as a career. Very often the couples find an answer in choosing a creche, employing an ayah, calling home elderly parents or one of the two (normally wife) opting for a long sabbatical. Thus, what was so impossible about the challenge here?  
What should we attribute this to? Faulty upbringing / education or a wrong marriage?
Whatever, Indore needs to wake up & do some serious thinking.