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Thursday, May 2, 2013

Baby girl to my nephew!


26th April'13, Friday was an interesting day being my husband's birthday! We were enjoying the moments. Basically, I am also on leave awaiting the arrival of our grandchild any time. Just then, we received good news of my nephew in Mumbai being blessed with a daughter. Gosh, how happy he sounded on phone! Truly, in a matter of seconds my mischievous nephew had transformed into a responsible & doting father.
As doctors, he & his wife must have examined several pregnant women. But, holding in arms one's own flesh & blood means a different thing altogether.Wonder if that little bundle of joy realizes how much happiness she brought into the lives of her doctor parents? I am sure in that very instant, the young mother must have forgotten the labour pains she had to endure.
My family & my blessings will always be with her. May she grow up & achieve a mark in the world. Yes, let her prove that girls are a blessing in every way.