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Friday, October 7, 2011

Happy Dussehra. Let's fight out problems like Lord Ram.

I wish all my readers a very happy Dussehra and many good times ahead.
Today was the day when Lord Ram killed Ravan, the ten headed demon! That is why, we also call this day Vijaydashmi.
Ravan, the king of Lanka, was a great scholar who fell to wicked ways. He abducted Sita, the virtuous wife of Lord Rama. This led to his death at the hands of Lord Ram.Even today, this day is celebrated with great enthusiasm and fervor in India. The effigy of Ravan is erected and burnt. The burning of the effigy symbolizes, the triumph of Good over Evil and the beginning of good times.
There is a vast ground facing our housing complex. Like every year, this year too the effigy of Ravan was erected. There is was so much of hustle and bustle the whole day. Toy-sellers, balloon wallahs, bangle-sellers, ice-cream & sugar-candy vendors, the chat- wallahs and other small tradesmen came from distant places and occupied the best positions possible. Loudspeakers were put up at strategic points and music was played  the whole day. There was mirth and happiness in the air. Even if alone at home, I  enjoyed it all. Ravan was clearly visible from my window. I, however, missed my children!  How they loved sitting at the window and watch the fun! Why did they have to grow up and go away!
Around six o'clock, visitors started pouring in. In that milling crowd, I noticed many young parents who had come with their small kids.And when the effigy of Ravan was set on fire, several of these parents lifted their children in the air. Thus, making it possible for the children to get the rare glimpse. The burning of the effigy took place around 9 pm after the political leaders arrived on the scene.With the day stretched on, the vendors had a thriving business most certainly.  
Victory of Good over Evil! I suppose, this is what keeps India going? Watching the effigy burn, we derive a  nice feeling that someday we will win over terrorism, corruption, materialism and other problems facing us. But I guess, it's not so easy.  Lord Ram fought the mighty Ravan and we, too will have to fight the various dangers that are threatening us today. And so the parents who lift their children to show Ravan crumbling to death will need to do something more. They will also have to give lessons to their young ones about fighting out things like Lord Ram.