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Friday, September 23, 2011

Nawab Pataudi & Sharmila Tagore. A Perfect Marriage- Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow.

Well, that's an example of a perfect marriage. Something which happens in a fairy tale!
This was a marriage where both the individuals continued to have an impressive identity in the society for years to come. In fact, I loathe to talk about this relationship in the past tense. This was one inter-religion marriage in which life-partners braved all difficulties, challenges with utmost elan. I am yet to see a more graceful pair than Cricketer Pataudi & Sharmila Tagore.
Suave looking Tiger Pataudi always looked graceful, knowledgeable and confident every time he appeared in public to give an interview. He was an outstanding cricketer after all!
Sharmila Tagore has an endless list of successful movies post marriage. The movie that had a tremendous impact on my growing- up years was 'Grihapravesh' in which she starred opposite another legend- Sanjeev Kumar. It was a typical story of a middle-class family that featured husband, wife and son. Sharmila Tagore, the busy  housewife and mother, neglects herself . And one day, she learns from her husband that another woman  (Sarika) has entered his life. No tantrums and no reproachful dialogues! Sharmila Tagore requests her husband to bring home the girl just once so that she can see her. And then she does something impossible! She gets her house painted in one day and then goes to the beauty parlour where she rediscovers her beauty and charm. The outcome is that Sarika loses the battle to Sharmila Tagore and the husband-wife are together again!
I don't think, I can ever forget this movie. I narrated the gist of this lovely story to my daughter when she got married.
Yes, 'Mausam' was also a good movie. I think, Sharmila Tagore did several hit movies with Sanjeev Kumar.
But then, back to Cricketer Pataudi & Sharmila Tagore. If individually they were a hit, so were they as a couple. Saif Ali Khan & Amrita Singh split was a sad affair. As per the press reporting, the two tried their utmost to save the marriage. In the end they at least succeeded in not letting it become a messy affair. And that surely is an example of  'Class'!
And so be it yesterday, today or tomorrow, this marriage was and will always be remembered as a perfect alliance.