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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Mattu Case. Radical shift from Dhananjay Judgement

Supreme Court's decision to commute Death sentence of Santosh Kumar Singh to Life Imprisonment is really not fair. What if he succeeds in getting President's Pardon tomorrow? One cannot forget that the country was almost close to pardoning Nalini (Rajeev Gandhi killer) till a mobile was recovered from her, which spoke of her 'not so noble intentions'!
It's just not fair. This way, the rapists and the potential rapists will never be scared of anything.
Also, why is Supreme Court saying that the accused has already spent a few years in  jail? Doesn't it show the court's lethargy here too?
And finally, when the Supreme Court could uphold Death Sentence in the case of Dhananjay Chatterji, the watchman convicted of raping and murdering an innocent school student, I don't see why the Apex Court is having second thoughts now.
Can the Supreme Court vouchsafe and say that Santosh Kumar Singh will be a reformed man when he steps out? Is he undergoing some kind of counselling? On what basis can the Supreme Court show so much confidence?