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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Ayodhya Verdict. Not Indira Gandhi style.

Remember the underground Pokhran Nuclear Testing? Remember the famous words of Dr. Sethna, "... And Buddha smiled" to Prime Minister Indira Gandhi on 18th May 1974? It was Buddha Jayanti. And sure, the fierce lady took the entire country as also the world at large by surprise.

Such was Indira Gandhi. She would not give time to the trouble makers to put spoke anywhere. This could have been done in Ayodhya Verdict too. It is more than 18 years. Many belonging to the new generation have no clue of what happened. What was the need for all the brouhaha? The verdict could have just been announced this way, that way.

No wonder, our old cases remain pending for years. I will not be surprised if Kasab's case is delayed similarly and no outcome is reached.

Our Law needs to understand, Justice delayed is Justice undone.

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