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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Required Urgently Foresight & Problem Solving Skills!

In India, that is to say!

The humiliation of Pakistani Players during IPL selection was coming, wasn't it? At least I am not surprised. The ugly situation could have been avoided, had India acted swiftly and punished those guilty of 26/11 terror attack. It was also not fair for one Daily to talk of peace when the wounds were still raw. It only signified that we were in a hurry to please others at the cost of our own pain.

What is happening in Mumbai is also no surprise. The country should have woken up the first time Bal Thackeray said, "Mumbai is for Marathis". Unfortunately the vote bank was important for the parties then. I always wonder why Bollywood plays so safe. If Ratan Tata could act tough, so could Bollywood! Anyway they are all facing the brunt now.

Education helps us to gauge, analyse, foresee problems and face them squarely. Instead we have ended up learning to connive at every alarming situation. And that's a sad part.