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Sunday, February 28, 2010

College Students and Job Seekers.

It's not easy teaching students of professional colleges, particularly the students of media. And, I say this every time I check the Test Papers.

Barring a handful who do exceptionally well, I find the rest confused, over-confident and lost in the maze of uncertainty. These are students who after a massive struggle of getting into the college feel that classes are no good. And, that theory classes are a big humbug. Thus, even if I and the rest of the faculty tell them that there must be a genuine reason for starting these courses by the university, it makes little difference. These students believe that teachers are mere degree holders with little or no sense and that the best knowledge can only be gained by men in the field. Well, right and wrong! For knowledge gained from an authentic person can certainly be helpful and there is no doubt about it. Conversely, knowledge gained from an unsystematic, slimy and unreliable person( particularly in the initial stages), can destroy a career graph altogether. Mainly because it is not easy to unlearn what you have learnt. But then, that's that!

No amount of forceful argument helps. These willful students spend the next few years of their college life in canteen, parking stand, etc. and in short doing nothing to improve knowledge or skills. Yes, they do go about meeting the media people but not with the genuine intention of learning but with all desire to show the teachers and friends down.

Thus, they never do the assignments, never work on Grammar and Spellings so very essential in the field. They never understand the difference between 'Its and It's' nor between 'lets and let's. Yes, they pick up a few heavy words like 'Positioning' and 'U.S.P.' without understanding them truly. Naturally, they are unable to apply them in their Resume or Bio-Data which therefore remain as vague as ever!

But that's not all. Even if by dint of luck, these students get a chance to work at a good place, they show their egos. They scorn every small job, little realizing that it is these small jobs which take you to big projects and eventually have you accepted by seniors in their team. It has to be remembered that a perpetual reluctant person gets sidetracked and sidelined. Such a person is just left with false egos and nothing else. For soon, he realizes that the very friends who praised him have left him far behind in the promotion ladder.

But then, it all depends on one's luck I guess! Anyway for all my complaints about paper checking, I wish my students all the very best with a lot of prudence in life. God Bless.

I wish all my Readers

A Very Happy and a Joyous Holi