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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Okay my ageing body. Relax.

Two Fractures in one year. In April it was the left foot. And now it is the left wrist! But just a hairline fracture this time.

Yes I understand I need to take it easy. I also understand that I am growing old minute by minute. But my dear body, I am enjoying what I do. I love the smell of my university. I like my Educational Multimedia Department. I enjoy seeing the positive expressions of the children there. And I like to watch their madness. And nothing makes me happy as much as telling them the various theories of mass communication. For example, how in accordance with Diffusion of Innovation Theory, 'the sending of flowers to erring men' or 'lighting candles as a mark of protest', or for that matter 'the Garba Dance of Gujarat' or 'Ganesh Chaturthi of Maharashtra' have gained popularity. In fact every time I teach I understand it even better.

And my dear 'Body' if you remember, I was hesitant to take up the ad agency job . But I find myself enjoying it now. Do you know Jayesh, our young Graphic Designer, has asked me to suggest some names ( starting with 'ru') for his newly-born son? Oh, I am lovin' it!

It's also fun teaching English to my Director's daughter. Some stories and poems are so interesting. For example, Vikram Seth's ' The Tale of Melon City" or the recent story that we read in Prose titled 'Birth'.

And I enjoyed the faux pas of the bus that I travelled in yesterday. The poor City Bus No.1 that was to ply straight on A.B. Road without turning anywhere was manoeuvered and taken to Indore Railway Station on the insistence of a few passengers. For a few minutes we all wondered if we had got caught a wrong bus. Well, this can happen only in Indore!

May be, the activity is a little too much. But I am eating well. And frankly, now when I am getting time why shouldn't I do it? So my dear 'Body', do give me chance to freak out just a little bit?. I promise I will not overdo. Relax then my dear 'ageing body'.