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Monday, September 7, 2009

Andhra CM's Death. India High On Emotions?

This happened on 2nd September'09 when Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Y.S.R. Reddy took-off from Hyderabad with four other important people in spite of bad weather. The plane crashed and all five men were charred to death. Call it shock-wave or mania, but some 140 people have reportedly died in Andhra after that--suicides, heart attacks, and shock!
I wonder if this happens only in India or other countries as well? Firstly, it was a bad decision to fly when the weather was not favourable. Secondly, it is tragic that 4 other men, which includes the pilot, co-pilot, the principal secretary, and the security advisor have also lost their lives.
It makes me come back on the role of media. Atleast, the local channels and newspapers should have anticipated the reaction and reported with some responsibility.
After so many years of freedom, we Indians are still having the slave mentality?But whatever, we now need to have some strict rules for all senior people. Playing with other people's lives as well as your own is certainly not correct.