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Sunday, August 30, 2009

BJP debacle

An agonising week for the entire country as the countrymen witnessed a lot of mud-slinging and accusations.Truly an example of washing dirty linen in public!

I remember what Former President Dr. Abdul Kalam said when proved wrong for dissolving the then Bihar Assembly. He said to the reporter," Well, decisions have to be taken. And decisions can be right or wrong. But we can't let problems win over us. We have to overcome problems." And that's exactly applies to 1947 India-Pakistan Partition. We, born after 1947 do not know and cannot fathom the situation prevalent then! I am sure Mahatma Gandhi, Sardar Patel and Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru must have studied the scenario before taking the heartbreaking decision. Certainly these leaders were far more patriotic than any of us today. And so I feel these dramatic outbursts must be made to stop. Let the dead leaders rest in peace!

The 1999 Indian Airlines Plane Hijacking was a sordid affair. I do agree that the hijackers could have been caught at Amritsar Airport itself. I blame the Media and the Media alone for the failure. An out- of- control melodramatic situation was created that sent the emotion-strung Indians into a further frenzy. The BJP led government was absolutely nailed to the wall. All the time, the media was citing how political leader Mufti Mohammed's daughter was freed from kidnappers by releasing some anti-social elements.. The government had no answer for this. Or rather, the government chose not to answer the' silly media' for fear of making it a trend.

To combat terrorism, corruption, and malfunctioning, we Indians need to first learn not to get nervous and emotion-strung. A lot needs to be learnt from US, Russia and Israel on this issue-more so the media! Yes, The BJP should stop pushing the blame on one another and move ahead by learning from the mistakes. And if it is very difficult, they should leave the party.