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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Children are creative. Adults are a bore!

I have been busy again doing proof checking for a school magazine. I shall finish it in 2-3 days time, I guess. But it has been great. And me thinks that boys have outdone girls in expressing their thoughts.
While the girls have largely written emotional poems on mothers and so on, boys have gone all out to write on diverse topics such as an imaginary story of a planet called 'amnecia', 26/11 Mumbai terrorist attack, and so on.
But whatever! The efforts of both boys and girls has been commendable. Most of them have been from classes 9th, 10th, and 11th. And that's what disturbs most. For now, many of them will be forced to join coaching for engineering and medical entrance examination ( If they haven't joined so far!). Thanks to the social and peer pressure. In Indore I find this a bit too much. That I suppose will be the end of their creativity. For, I have done proof checking for college magazines (engineering,etc.). And I find their output very dull in the face of these children.
How I wish a fairy would appear out of somewhere and move her wand over everybody, resulting in adults acquiring higher levels of understanding. This would naturally mean optimum use of human brain, and tremendous good for mankind. But then all our problems are man made and God expects us to solve them ourselves, I suppose.
Truly, children are so creative! And adults are such a bore.