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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Mr. Computer do not be proud !

Like vegetarians and non-vegetarians, we have now 2 kinds of people existing today! Those who do not use computer and those who cannot stay without computer. On my part, I find myself in between- just like the eggetarians! Which means my computer usage extends to just typing a blog and sending e mails. Nothing more and nothing less. Nonetheless I spend my time in two strikingly different worlds each day.
I start my day in a non-computer world where I make tea, chop vegetables, clean house, scrub clothes all manually. No computer exists there. And so right click, left click, double click, etc look as meaningless as an incoherent chatter.
It's after packing off my husband to office that I rush to my two computer dominated places-Firstly, the university department where I teach and secondly, the ad agency where I write 'creative junk'. Frankly, there have been several moments in the department when I have felt like calling it quits. Particularly, after seeing some male colleagues showing slides and creating an atmosphere so very hi-fi.
Ditto in the agency! Writing lines is a fine job. But the computer jargon scares me to the core. And so it was last saturday, when a college principal landed with a request for several copies of a leaflet in just one day. Inspite of severe downpour and next day being Sunday. And my, wasn't I glad when the director and one senior visualiser took over to discuss 'pdf', 'cdr', 'jpg' and so on!
But all the insecurity is in my head I suppose. For immediately next moment, I was given a creative assignment which as per the director I alone could do! The same happened in the department this week, when some students gushed and said they enjoyed my class. That makes it much ado about nothing?
But I still don't know how to react to this. Maybe I should allow things to go as they are. That is for sure that I shall beat Mr. computer when it comes to doing household chores, riding my 2 wheeler through knee-deep water, giving impromptu examples to students, coming up with some very good headline, or catching a mistake like-'then' and 'than' or for that matter 'their' and 'there'.
In that case, the match is draw! Or shall I say -Mr. Computer do not be proud?