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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Election Results. My Revived Hopes.

Gosh! poor voting had scared me , for it meant unstable government once more. But things have somehow worked out and Congress has emerged as the single largest party.

Not that I hate Advaniji or his party, but I want a government that will work on issues that are more important. And yes! I am happy that Shiv Sena and MNS are out.

As a citizen of the country I want the following things from the government:

1) I want a separate Minister for Education. Somebody who will work with his team and see that a good educational standard is maintained in all schools, colleges and universities. I want a minister who will pay more attention to the quality of education rather than spend time pleasing the minorities.

2) I want safety for girls and women. The recent episodes of rapes in the trains is a matter of grave concern. Domestic violence needs to stop too.

3) I am against 33% reservation for women. We cannot afford to have women candidates who are dumb and with no mind of their own. It would be dangerous to have these women passing on the baton to unworthy husbands and sons. For this would mean gross misrule in the constituency.

4) I want a clean government that will promote good NGO's in the society. I am told that several of the NGO's have to pay bribes to government employees in order to get the work done. Just last week my husband and I came across a helpless 17 year old boy looking for work. He had a mop in hand and was looking around to wipe scooters and cars. The boy told us that he had no parents.There are many such helpless boys and girls in the streets. There are also people like us willing to help in their own small way. Indeed, an NGO in every area would be a great help.

5) I would also like the new government to focus on economic stability and employment guidance to the youth.

6) This apart, terrorism needs to be tackled very very fast. Our laws are indeed outdated. We need to adopt stringent measures to combat terrorism. We have lost enough of lives.
Please Mr. Prime Minister do look into these suggestions. Call it an earnest request from an Indian citizen.
And yes! Amir Khan's ad campaign, together with Tata Tea moral appeal ads should continue next 5 years so that people wake up to vote next time at least.