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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Let the deserving get the jobs.

Ours was a 3 yr higher secondary course ( i.e. 9th, 10th, & 11th). As we had to select subjects in class ninth, I had opted for Sanskrit which had always been my strong subject.
One such Sanskrit book that I studied in class eleventh was "Dootavakyam". Just for information, the word "Doot'" means ambassador or messenger and "vakyam" means the utterance. And so if you can guess, the small book only contains the conversation between Lord Krishna and Duryodhan before the commencement of the epic battle-Mahabharat.
As per the book, Lord Krishna, who is on the side Pandavas and later on also becomes the charioteer of Arjun, goes and speaks to "Suyodhan" ( That's how he always addressed him as!) and asks him to give a part of the kingdom to his cousins. Duryodhan rejects it outright.
Infact all throughout the book, Lord Krishna put forward what Pandavas have said, and Duryodhan turns down every request. Duryodhan does seem horrid, but what he finally says on the last page is truly important for he literally steals the show from the Pandavas- " Dear Messenger! You don't ask for kingdom. Nor do you give it just because somebody has asked for it. If my cousins want to rule, they should take up arms and fight with me. On my part, I will not give them any land! Not even equal to the size of the point of a needle. "

I remember having crammed the answer as per the Delhi Board expectations. But somewhere the lines made a strong impression on me. For, in my most difficult moments, these lines have always come to me and I have fought with all my might. My arms have always been hard work and sincerity. And yes, however difficult I have eventually always overcome the challenge.

I feel pained when students say agitatedly in classrooms and seminars," What's the use, we don't get jobs!" As is my job, I do check the answers they write in the exams. The spelling mistakes, and the grammatical errors are atrocious to say the least. As Madhya Pradesh is a Hindi Belt area and Indore falls in this state, I am often faced with loud protests when I teach in English. But while checking the papers I find their Hindi weak too- to the point of being pathetic.

At such times I feel utterly hopeless. Every job has its own demand. And the demand has to be met. It is absolutely sickening to see a graduate not writing a single sentence correctly. Or a D.T.P. operator not knowing the difference between an "exclamation mark" and a "question mark"!

If that's not enough, we have ministers like Arjun Singh who have spoiled the situation even more by saying that spelling mistakes have to be ignored. Has he thought of the consequences? It is really sad that libraries remain unfrequented, and books /newspapers remain unread in an institution. The general attitude is, "Offence is the best form of defence." The worst part is that almost all political parties in a bid to win votes have said that they will ensure jobs to all if they come to power. I really don't know what will happen of the country!

Looking at the state of affairs, I sometimes wonder how many from the younger generation will be able to fill admission form or write leave application for their children! I am genuinely worried at that.