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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Julie and Fiza

The first time Chand -Fiza case hit the headlines, I found some disturbing similarities between Julie and Fiza. Both the girls are extremely good looking. But, while Julie is a natural beauty, Fiza's looks are cultivated. Though of course, I must admit that she has good features.
But whenever I think of Julie, a strange sadness descends on me. A beautiful girl from Bihar who allowed herself to be ruined by Prof. Matuknath, a man fit enough to be her father! Even otherwise, a teacher-student relationship is supposed to be as sublime as a parent-child relationship? In the case of Fiza, I don't feel sorry. I am only filled with disdain.
I agree that both the girls are responsible for causing terrible hurt to the legal wives, which I wonder if God will ever forgive. Of course, I hear now that Chander Mohan alias Chand Mohammed has gone back to his wife and that the Punjab Police have closed the case.
Really, as somebody much older than Julie and much more educated or literate than Julie, ( Assistant Advocate General for Punjab and Haryana Govt. at that!), Fiza should not have fallen into this trap. But then, it is said that love is deaf, dumb and blind! That explains it all I guess. So, here we have two women who have finally gained nothing but bad name. Julie may not agree still, but will surely accept it someday.
The biggest irony is that the two women have got into a mess because of their strong rhetoric.Normally it is people with poor communication skills who suffer at the hands of the world! And indeed, both Julie and Fiza had come up with strange justification when the matter came into the limelight. I remember, the social workers who were trying to drill sense into Julie's head had finally given up. Fiza being much older, advising her was out of question I suppose.
Anyway, the moral of the story is,"too less talking and too much talking are both harmful and dangerous."