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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Death due to Ragging

My heart felt condolences to Aman Kachru's family. It is really sad that this19 year old boy died due to ragging, in a medical college in Himachal Pradesh.

I really don't have words. It's the person who faces the loss knows what it is. And so I only pray to God to do speedy justice.

There are so many dreams and aspirations when a baby is born. The dreams grow with the child. And if the same child were to get into medical, what better luck could one have! And then suddenly news of death?And all dreams coming crashing down. It is not fair! It is just not fair!

What were those senior boys trying to achieve? And what were all the witnesses (of several days) thinking? That they would relate the tales of ragging with much spice later on? How could the "future doctors " be so cruel and inhuman? I also wish to know how the accused boys secured admission to the medical college. What disturbs me most is how did this ragging last so long? As per me, ragging means a simple question-answer session, which sets a rapport between the seniors and juniors. A bit of song and dance, by which the talent is detected. And finally, this is something which is enjoyed by both the juniors as well as the seniors. And normally, this kind of interaction gets over with the Freshers' Night, i.e. in a month's time. But then, it is best to ban this harmless act also, if decency is going to be trespassed each time.

The academic year is coming to an end soon. At least, next year we should not have cases of ragging or brutality. One thing more. Every hosteler must have a Local Guardian. This should be made compulsory. Secondly, we must have more medical colleges so that students will be nearer their respective homes. How come engineering colleges are dime a dozen? And that, they also succeed in meeting the requirements of the AICTE i.e. All India Council For Technical Education? But the medical colleges invariably fail to meet the expectations of the Medical Council Of India? In fact, a sword always hangs on every medical college. I have seen this in Indore.

Besides this, there is a need for UGC to try and make other courses interesting too. For, there will always be some who will be interested in Chemistry, Economics, etc. The students need to be shown hope here. Besides, the world cannot just run on engineers and doctors. I am sure by working on this aspect, several students will be nearer their homes at the under-graduate level . Naturally, they will be happy, secure and relaxed.

We cannot afford to lose our younger generation this way.

On this note I end ."Happy Gudi Padwa"- Marathi New Year.