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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Some Wise thoughts.

(Sorry for the long gap. Because of road repairs all over the city, we often don't have the net connection)

I am quite a recluse which only my husband and children know. Given a chance, I will any time prefer staying within the four walls of my humble flat and do anything I like. Why so? Even I have no idea. But my husband makes up for this by taking me firmly for social visits. ( God sure knows how to make pairs!) And that's how I have made some very good friends whom I will always treasure, all my life.

Last Sunday was one such day, when my husband paid no attention and took me to meet our downstairs neighbour Maj. Gen.(Retd) D.K. Saksena (AMC). Both, husband and wife are good and ever helpful to the people of the society. But, rank and protocol always make me jittery. And so I was a little nervous.

Amidst all the formalities, the talks took a very interesting turn. "Who says I am God-fearing? I am God-loving." I heard Gen Saksena saying this. Now, ever since I remember, 'God-fearing" word has puzzled me too. There have been umpteen times when I have looked up for the exact meaning in the dictionary. And here was a man who explained it so well. "Are you afraid of your own father? Then, why should you be afraid of God? ...I love God."
I liked what Gen. Saksena said. God is someone who takes care of us. We turn to him in difficulty. And He helps us find a way amidst all chaos. Such a big thought put across in such simple words. I sure forgot the various assignments that I had to finish.
As the evening progressed, the topic of terrorism came up which was quite natural, given the service background. Gen. Saksena, while quoting a few lines from Robin Sharma's"Family Wisdom" gave his own explanation for human behaviour. When a thought comes to our mind, we dig in to get more information. Naturally, this leads to action. This action leads to the formation of attitude. And from attitude, grows a habit. Ultimately, it is this habit which gets demonstrated as one's personality. The moral is, that we should try to think of good thoughts that will eventually lead to a good personality.
As I rang up the General the next day, he gave me one more line to think about from Abraham Graham Bell,"When one door closes another door opens. But often we so longingly and regretfully look at the closed door that we fail to see the door that has opened for us."
Such a beautiful thought. All these years, I had only heard the first half of the thought. I will always keep these thoughts in mind Gen Saksena. Thank you so much.