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Sunday, February 22, 2009

So Housewife! What Do You Do The Whole Day?


When My husband was in the services, this was this question often posed to me rather condescendingly at the parties " So Mrs. ... what do you do the whole day?" And, not just me! It was put to several like me who for some reason were not working.

I remember often saying to myself, "I am not a union leader, to remember every single work I do. But then, I must be doing something constructive, because of which my kids do not go for any tuition ? Surely, I must be doing something that my kids have developed the habit of reading good books and discussing things that are worthwhile? Surely, it is worth staying at home and not leaving children in the custody of unsafe people. And God forbid later crying in case of something terrible happening to the daughter?" But, try as much I could never ever come up with this retort. How I wish I had done it! How I hate myself for this! For, the people who looked down upon me or others were an insensitive lot! Those who never realised, how traumatic it is to find that one's daughter has been raped by the domestic servant or that the son has taken to wrong ways. Somehow, the party decorum always had its pressures.

But, today I want to say this loud and clear. Please allow mothers to bring up their children well. The decision to work or not to work incase of a mother/housewife, lies entirely with the family. And, no outsider has a right to ask questions there. For, we alone know the situation we are in. Really, no society or country can allow minor girls and boys with no sense of responsibility to bear children. It is ridiculous! Yes, I am referring to the news where an 8 year old boy in U.K. has fathered a girl baby. The mother, too, happens to be just 15 years. If that is not enough, 2 more boys have claimed that they are the 'actual father'. Ofcourse, I do respect their honesty. For in India, no boy would have owned this, I am sure! But, that's not all. What is shocking is that the young mother Chantelle, was sleeping with 8 teenaged boys! How come the children were not drawn to games and other hobbies that go with the age?

To blame the parents of the children, would be too hasty at the moment. May be a double income was a necessity at home?Or may be, the social pressures were heavy on the mother just as they are in my country? Clearly, there is much more than what meets the eye.

But, whatever, something needs to be done to improve the standards of the society and the people. I think the entire world needs good Thinkers now, Fast...Very Fast.