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Monday, June 22, 2015

PM Modi's 21st June Yoga Day - A great idea.

I have all appreciation for PM Modi for initiating Yoga Day. It is going to calm the minds of the young, middle-aged & old. And in all likelihood, it will curb cruelty, rapes, violence and other perverse practices that are increasing day by day.
I really pity the so-called journalists and opinion leaders who have as expected reacted cynically. "Why Yoga Day ?' They have asked.
 Why not ? I ask. Did a common man take interest in Yoga before this?  Wasn't it heartening to see small children and grown ups do Yoga?
The yoga initiative has pushed me to exercise daily. I certainly feel it is helping me in my arthritis.
Friends, for once let's us start appreciating anything that's good!
Thumbs Up, PM Modi!