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Saturday, December 27, 2014

Mothers, let's stop rapes.

Open any newspaper and what hits you first is rape! Rape of infant, rape of teenaged girl, rape of new mother, rape of grandmother and God knows what.
And this is happening all over the world. No amount of laws have been able to curb this inhuman and insensitive barbaric act. Also, no amount of education or literacy has been able to put sense in individuals.
At such times, it would be best to go back to how a human being is born. Whether a boy or girl, an individual gets the first touch of life through his/ her mother.
And so mothers, let's get more responsible and do something more than cooking! Let us teach our children the sense of right and wrong. Let us teach our children to protect and take care of younger and weaker human beings. Let's also make food that is not very rich and meaty. Let us also tell our children morally rich stories apart from stuffing their mouths with food, food and food.
This way, let good food and nice thoughts bring forth responsible grown- ups into the world. 
Mothers' let's start undertaking some responsibilities. Yes mothers, first and foremost let's stop rapes.