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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Homosexuality & Supreme Court

Some 50-60 years ago breast milk was replaced by elegant looking feeding bottles in the name of modernity. The ramifications that followed were absolutely frightening. Suddenly many infants, toddlers and children were afflicted with Poliomyelitis that crippled the innocent beings for an entire lifetime.
Immediately, the same society took a 180% shift. Today, if a young mother is unable to feed her young one soon after its entry into the world, Heavens save her! The society doesn't even give her one second of breathing space!
A few years ago, modernity gifted us yet another 'chaos', mainly LIVE-IN relationships. Judicial Courts were not consulted.Young men and women took to this maverick act in the name of modernity. Then came the problem of emotional security, financial security and legitimacy of the children. Modernity was instantly forgotten. The victims, most of them women, went knocking to the courts for justice.
This time for once the Supreme Court of India has taken cognizance of the likely hazards of homosexuality and has acted in advance.
Really, why can't we make genuine attempts to understand what the court is saying! Do we always have to wait for some crippling illness to devour us before we learn our lessons?
Modernity be damned! Let's get a little sensible .

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