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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Visiting Married Daughter's Home For The First Time!

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 She had come home to attend a family wedding. And now I was accompanying her back to Bangalore as her husband was away on an official tour to Turkey. This required me to stay put there for a fortnight.
I was busy rushing through various chores before rushing to the airport with her. And so there was not much thought in my mind. But it was not so with her I guess! Umpteen times she told me, "Mom, the house will be in a mess. I really didn't get time to clean it."
Each time I assured her that it was perfectly okay.
It was only after I boarded the flight with her that I began to get more and more curious and apprehensive. Mainly how was her home going to be? This was compounded by several delightful memories of the past years. There was a time when I had held her in my arms as an infant. At that time, it was not her home or my home! It was our home. Later, I would take her out, clean the house with her around, cook and what not. And all along, it was our house. Even if belonging to the middle class, we were a happy family always!
And now, I didn't know how it was going to be. After all, married to an IT husband she had gone into a higher class most undoubtedly.
After alighting from the cab, she took me up the stairs. I felt a strange sense of fear and nervousness as she opened the door of her apartment. The feeling vanished as soon as I stepped inside. A nice warm feeling ran  through me. The Bean Bags reminded me of the naval life we had once led. The flat was much like the hired houses we had lived in when my husband was in the navy. Oh yeah! My  daughter's home looked nice, warm and cozy. 
The fortnight passed by pretty fast. We talked and walked the streets of Bangalore. The tall trees as well as the lovely and healthy climate of Bangalore acted as a relaxing factor. The stray dogs and incidents of children getting bitten by them was as much a part of our conversation. And all along she was my same old daughter. The values had not changed. If at all she had changed, it was for the better. I found her more responsible now. Checking the refrigerator, cleaning the house and doing sundry jobs that invariably  fall in any married woman's lot!  Amidst all this, she had learnt to manage her freelance work too, which was creditable.
I have come back to Indore now, happy and relaxed. I gave my best to my daughter and I am glad that she has taken it all and proceeded further in life. In a way perhaps, she is a better and more refined version of me. Here, I give credit to my son-in-law too.