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Saturday, February 5, 2011

New Born Vijeta- Triumph over all Obstacles in Life

I may have lifted her, but it was she who lifted me out of my gloom of the past few days. Apprehensions about by father's terrible fall, fears of unforeseen challenges just disappeared into the thin air. A beautiful baby, a cherub, a picture perfect face that stared at me with no preconceived notions. A face free from conceit and arrogance. And it made me feel so relaxed as never before. She seemed to say, "What are you worrying about, when God is there to take care of us?"
As per the horoscope her name had to start from 'V'. And immediately the name that came to my mind was 'Vijeta'- Triumph over all obstacles in life.
This was the family that for a good 12-13 years stayed below us in our Housing Complex. The baby's grandfather, a retired army General and a Doctor met with an accident after shifting to Indore which almost left him crippled. But that apart, there was already a problem. The baby's mother was born with weak kidneys. Resolute to the core, she studied and grew up. With time she also took up a job. She had perhaps never dreamt of getting married. But probably, God wanted her to be married and so came a gentleman in her life who while knowing everything applied the sacred 'sindoor' on her forehead and made her see a beautiful life that all girls dream of.
As neighbours we were happy. And just when we felt that the going was good, there came the need for kidney transplant. That was a period full of tension. And yet the General and his wife did not forget the social norms. They smiled, exchanged greetings and gave friendly advice whenever required. They were a big help when I suffered a back problem and later when I fractured my foot. Frankly, I was always too scared to even inquire about their youngest daughter. They sensed it I guess.
The general and his wife being fond of my physiotherapist daughter confided everything in her. This is how we came to know that their elder daughter's kidney had matched and so a donor had been found. But the transplant was a tedious process with a lot of paper work. Thus, through out the period  the entire family was on tenterhooks.But then God had something in his mind and the operation was successful. We were truly happy for the General's family. At the time of our daughter's wedding we got the happy tidings that a baby was on the way!
And now my husband and I were holding the baby. A small bundle of happiness who refused to listen to the word 'impossible'.After Lord Krishna's story, this was the second instance in my limited knowledge, when things happened because they were destined to happen. Lord Krishna was born inspite of  the fact that both Vasudev and Devki were kept captives by Kansa Mama. Here Vijeta was born inspite of serious health problems and limitations of the medical world.
The family may not be staying in our Complex now. But Vijeta's face is still fresh in my mind. Her cherubic expressions have swept away all the negative feelings that had unknowingly begun crowding my mind. The positive energy has charged me yet again and I feel nice once more. Even otherwise, the baby's mother is out of all dangers and the baby is just fine. So the things are good. Touchwood!