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Friday, January 14, 2011

Artificial Price Rise, Law & Order Breakdown... Can Emergency help?

The year was 1975. It was the second day of Emergency. My Higher Secondary Exams were over and I was free. That day I followed my father to the market. Just then he showed me a shop which was quite famous in Delhi. Pointing at the shelves he asked, "Before this, did you see the shops so well stocked?'' I replied in the negative. My father continued, "See, how hoarding has come under check!"
Well, that is how I remember Emergency. It brought all corruption and hoarding under check. And I miss it now. Particularly, when I see the artificial price rise of onions and other items. There is something terribly wrong. I fully agree with the senior FCI official who said on TV the other day that  the price of rice, wheat, etc. has not increased as it is reaching the common man through FCI distribution system. The problem is arising wherever there is a middleman.
The culprit has been  well identified. And culprits have been identified at other places also.There is massive corruption. If 5 ministers are good, we have 15 MPs & MLAs who either have nexus with the underworld or are themselves 'dons'. The startling example is that of  the Bahujan Samaj Party  MLA in the Uttar Pradesh Government, who is facing charges of raping a minor and then framing charges of theft against her.Will Mayawati or the Central Government be able to do anything? I really wonder! Mainly, because our laws have many loop holes.
Unfortunately, Emergency is remembered for all the wrong reasons in India. Yes, excesses were committed and that was bad. But now after learning lessons from the past, can't we sift away the bad points and make use of Emergency in the right manner? For a short time?
At the moment our Democracy is in total shambles.13 robberies take place in the Capital on one single day and the culprits don't get caught. Either they have political connections or they are seasoned robbers who had kept watch on the victims for several days. But, whatever the police is helpless. There seems to be a tremendous shortage of police. And so their day revolves around checking rapes, escorting VIPs and keeping a watchful eye on explosive materials anywhere around. Besides, not all policemen can be given a clean chit.
In such a grim situation, it is really sad that both government and the opposition have closed all options around them. Emergency is bad because of all the excesses that took place! But Democracy with all the excesses like meaningless price rise, massive corruption, law & order breakdown is good, very good!
Oh, come on! Leaders wake up now. It's a warlike situation in the country. Whether ruling or in the opposition please unite and think of a plausible solution fast, very fast.