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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Naxalites-Gandhians with Guns?

Gandhians with Guns! The expression is as wrong as a mother calling her criminal son, 'a naughty child'.

In one of my earlier blogs written on 22.11.09 titled, 'A peaceful Village called Tale', I had talked of how the people had progressed there. The village situated in the interiors of Maharashtra in Kolaba now Raigarh District had faced the wrath of anti-social elements when Mahatma Gandhi was assassinated. As both my parents belonged to the same village, I remember the tales vividly.

It was a peaceful and happy village with people having a very positive attitude. There was just one school. Early morning, I used to see the women folk flocking to the wells to wash clothes and fill water. But never did I see them angry. The elder boys and girls were a curious lot and would often ask me questions about my city.

There was no college. These boys and girls were determined. Many of them went to Mumbai later to do their graduation. They stayed in Chawls and places wherever possible. Many of them are at very high positions today. Some have even gone abroad and settled. I salute these great people. For I know I could not have done it.

In case of Maoists or naxalites, we need to speak to the right people. The media and the Government should stop giving importance to Kishenji and the likes who are exploiting the tribals. The best would be to establish communication with true forest dwellers and win their trust.

In India, we also need to develop skills of knowing a criminal or violent mind This science needs to be developed. We must understand that human beings have come very far from what they were millions of years ago. And so, for every few brains that have contributed to the betterment of the society there have been some who have taken to newer forms of violence.