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Saturday, January 24, 2009

Human Dignity.

At my age, If I say, I have never been humiliated would be a downright lie!

Yes, there have been difficult moments when the other person took advantage of his rank, position, social status, money or just plain luck to hurt me. And the hurt was much more than the mistake made. But then, if it was a job I was luckier than some. This I must admit! For I have quit whenever I felt miserable. Basically, because I have never been the main earning member. And also because I was never in a job that that had a bond.

Naturally therefore, I felt that there was much more than what was reported in the case of the army jawan shooting down a junior commissioned officer and six others. Was mental torment the reason? We certainly do need to find out. Of course, I do agree that an offence is an offence. And in this case, about seven people have lost their lives. But even then, the possibility of a long time hurt, needs to be probed into.

The International Code of Ethics For Public Relations clearly states in its charter the need, "to pay due regard to, and uphold, human dignity...'' This is what I feel. I could be wrong, and I could be right. It is the judgement alone that will tell.

Supposing it is mental torment, my advice to the youngsters( just as to my children) would be to work steadfast and rise like the'DhruvTara'-the pole star and reach where no one can displace or insult you. Violence leads to no solution.

Indeed, At such times I remember "Gulliver Travels" where tiny and small lilliputians are shown to be so cruel. Well, cruelty has always been a streak of human beings I guess!