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Sunday, January 4, 2009

Dig all 17ft.-My New Year Resolution

First and foremost, I wish all my readers a Very Happy, Prosperous and a Peaceful New Year.May all your dreams come true.

The year 2008 ended with an unpleasant note. The massacre of 26/11, and then most recently the death of Swapnika, the acid victim. My silent tribute to all the dead. May their souls rest in peace.

This all has propelled me to take up a cause and work arduously in my own way. For instance, fill the world with a good thought, like some nice fragrance? Success does not come easily I realise. But then I can always try.

That reminds me of a story my daughter told me recently when she came back home after her P.G. exam. It seems, her professor and guide Dr. Narkeesh gave the budding physiotherapists a piece of advice the day they all submitted their thesis. In fact, he had a special word for each one that day. Something, very important I must say. To my daughter he said, " You work hard 99% and then you give up. And unfortunately, the results lie in that last 1%. " To explain better, he told her of a story. It goes thus-

There was once a poor man. He had a dream, in which God himself appeared. The Almighty told him to go to a certain place in the forest and dig. Next day the man went to the same spot and started digging. When the travellers asked him questions, he told them that he had been instructed so. Many felt he was foolish. They told him so and went their way. The man dug on. He happened to strike water at a certain depth. He continued. By now he had almost dug 16 feet.He was now tired and without any hope for he really found nothing. Besides, the jibes of those passing by had begun to have effect on him.He felt himself a big fool. In desperation, the man threw away his pick-axe and walked back home in utter misery. Just then, a passer-by came along. He saw water as well as the pick-axe. The man felt that if he dug more he would probably get more water. And so he began digging further.

Just as he had reached 17 feet, he heard a sound of metal. He peeped inside out of curiosity. And there lay a pot of gold coins. The man was jubilant. He hurriedly collected the coins and went home.

And so the second man gained where the earlier one gave up.

As my daughter narrated this story, I was reminded of my own mistakes. Hadn't I often given up at the most crucial juncture? Had I been more optimistic, I am sure I would have reached somewhere today. There must be many like me who have called 'quits' after a small failure or a set-back. In fact, there are many who have taken to alcohol or worse still committed suicide.
I am glad, My daughter has taken the advice in the right spirit. I plan to improve too. Even if it is a bit too late. Who knows like Abraham Lincoln I may make some difference in this world? And so I am going to follow the advice of Dr. Narkeesh even if he is much younger than me.
Thank you Dr. Narkeesh. Also, a big thanks to all my teachers who taught me.